Tree Felling and Removal Johannesburg

Tree Felling GP are your professional tree removal service in the Johannesburg region. Trees are beautiful and one of the most important aspects of outdoor spaces. They provide us shade, beauty and shelter plus habitat for birds and wildlife. Removing trees can be a hard decision, but sometimes it is unavoidable to ensure the safety of people and property.

Reasons for tree felling and removal include;

  • The tree has become weakened and brittle due to disease or pest infestation
  • The roots are causing damage to pavements, swimming pools, building structures or underground utilities. In some cases, roots can spread 2-3 times further than the branches. Cutting the roots off weakens the tree causing stress and instability. Trees without enough root support can be more easily blown over in a storm.
  • Surrounding structural changes such as building or installing a swimming pool
  • The tree is dropping branches, leaves, twigs, floral blossom or bark on roof tops and in gutters, which may cause blockages. This can result in a leaky roof or water damage to the inside or outside of property when it rains
  • The tree is taking too many nutrients from the soil and is depriving other plants
  • It has become a safety risk due to its size or age
  • The tree has become an obstruction

Professional Tree Removal Services Johannesburg

At Tree Felling Service, our tree removal experts ensure that work is done professionally and safely. We always put safety first and take great care to ensure that no damage is done to the property or the surrounding areas. Once the work is done, we ensure that we clean up the area and remove all debris, unless, you would like to keep any for firewood or mulch. We pride ourselves on leaving the site clean and tidy

We will also grind the remaining stump if required, please check our stump grinding page for more details.

Safe Tree Removal and Tree Felling

Removing a tree can be a tough decision, but the only option if it is unsightly, causing a significant mess, destructive or dangerous. Let our highly experienced Johannesburg tree fellers professionally remove your problem trees safely and easily. 

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